JELL-O Mood Meter

Eating pudding puts people in a good mood—it’s a scientific fact, probably. So we scrubbed Twitter for smiley faces and frowny faces. When there were more frowns than smiles, we gave away free Jell-O pudding to lift everyone’s spirits. You could follow the mood of the nation on a dedicated site, or live on a giant billboard in SoHo.

JELL-O Vending Machine

Sorry kids, the rich, indulgent and positively grown-up taste of new Jell-O Temptations isn’t for you.

Jello Jiggle-it

A cube of raspberry Jell-O dances to the beat of your favorite music. Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Trance, Death Metal, Roots Reggae. The Jell-O cube gets down to them all.


Puddingface Dad

Puddingface Principal